Insurance Times’s e-trading survey, the most comprehensive investigation into E-trading.  The research project will capture and scrutinise broker’s e-trading experiences over the last 12 months of business activity. The research findings will help insurers and software houses strategize for the future.

The research will reveal what brokers really think about the e-trading platforms available, helping e-trading providers understand how brokers rate their platform across a range of factors.

The e-trading report aims to discover the performance of platforms, the relationship between a broker and insurer via e-trading and the factors that drive loyalty in a brokerage.

As a result of its strong relationship with brokers, Insurance Times are able to research the opinions, attitudes and in-depth etrading experiences of brokers from across the United Kingdom to help better understand the comparative views of different segments of the broking market.

The e-trading Broker Insight 2017 report will include:

  • Benchmarking of insurers and software houses on service performance factors.
  • Net promoter scores rating of e-trading platforms and feedback on improvement areas.
  • Insight into brokers plan for placing future business, exploring the factors that drive return business or downscaling.
  • Products currently transacted, the products in demand and innovations that can lead to future business.
  • Qualitative insight into the service performance ratings given in addition to exploring how loyalty to the platform can be achieved.
  • All responses are segmented to help partners strategize accordingly and gain a competitive edge by learning about different business groups.

Building on the success of last year’s e-trading report, Insurance Times has worked closely with software houses, insurers and brokers to build a line of investigation that will offer real insights to help insurers enhance their offering and invest in the right areas

New insights for 2017 include:

  • Differentiation of service factors analysing performance of software houses and extranets
  • Updated performance factors to compare and contrast via a benchmarked league table.
  • Insight unearthed by discovering broker e-trading experience dependent on proportion of business placed and how to increase that proportion.
  • Extranets Vs software houses – identifying the reasons for preferences and dislikes between the two ways of trading online.
  • The importance of the relationship between broker and insurer and what drives loyalty in a brokerage.
  • New product lines brokers wish to enter or upscale with an insurer
  • Deeper insight into the brokers directly responsible for placing business.
  • Training, communication and innovation analysis.

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Benchmarking of the following firms

Insurer extranets: Ageas, AIG, Allianz, Aviva, AXA, Business Insurance 24/7, Chaucer, Chubb, Covea, Ecclesiastical, Hiscox, Home & Legacy, InsureIT UK, Lorega, LV=, Markel, Markerstudy, MS Amlin, NIG, NMU, Plum Underwriting, QBE, RSA and Zurich.

Software houses: Acturis, Open GI PowerPlace, CDL, SSP, Applied Systems, Transactor GSL, Iprism and Quotall.

Simple question set and very few go to referral. What let’s them down is the time taken to deal with referrals.
small independent broker
Excellent all round and very quick to get through with full support on the phone.
small independent broker
Visit by an underwriter to go through the question set and guidance on how to get quotes.
Top 50 broker
Having the ability to refer complex cases, being able to contact a underwriter for quick decisions, policy Wordings being made available
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